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Book Review - Spiritual Resilience - Sharla Goettl

I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Blog Tour to celebrate Sharla Goettl's new book - Spiritual Resilience.   My Book Review:  I felt there was much in this book to help a parent cope with the challenges of raising youth and keep them spiritually grounded.  I wish I had read this when my kids were younger.     I love how she used Nephi as an example, there were certain things he needed to do to be successful and these same elements apply to all our children. I feel there is magic in finding patterns in the lives of the prophets.  I like the quote, "Our life lessons are taught most effectively when they are based on honest, personal experiences." I felt this book excelled in answering the question, how can we be a light to our children even though we are imperfect creatures?  I give this book Five stars. 

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